Modern Office Chairs

MOBILIARDI® Offers Modern & Contemporary Office Chairs Collection with a wide range of Comfortable Seating Features, suitable for corporate or home office.
Modern Office Chairs
We can always bring you the best office seating solutions.
Our quality Modern & Contemporary Office Chairs can offer a wide range of Comfortable Seating Features.


One of the World's Best-Selling Office Chairs, created by OKAMURA, a leading Japanese furniture manufacturer.

CONTESSA 2 Polished frame Black body Chair

OKAMURA CONTESSA SECONDA Executive Office Chair was created by GIUGIARO Design, a leader in Italian industrial design.

CONTESSA 2 White body Polished frame Chair

OKAMURA CONTESSA SECONDA White Body Office Chair is the evolution of Okamura Contessa Legendary Chair, created by the world-renowned Italian design firm Giugiaro Design. CONTESSA II offers Cutting-Edge Italian Design and Extraordinary Japanese Quality.

CONTESSA 2 Black frame Black body Chair

OKAMURA CONTESSA Seconda Full Black Office Chair features a seamless integration of a black frame, body, and upholstery, exuding an elegant and professional aesthetic. With its monochromatic design, it effortlessly blends into any contemporary workspace while providing optimal comfort and support for long hours of productivity.

CONTESSA 2 Leather Chair

OKAMURA CONTESSA SECONDA Office Chair has set the standard for seating in office spaces around the world.


Your stylish, ergonomic and comfortable solution, inspired by design philosophy that is distinctive in automotive industry.


OKAMURA SYLPHY Ergonomic Office Chairs designed for Lumbar Supporting and a Comfortable Workspace suitable to various body types and feature a New Seating Innovation: Back Curve Adjustment for exceptional comfort.


OKAMURA CP is a Cutting-Edge Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair with an exceptionally comfortable seating, developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Italian firm Giugiaro Design.


The lightest possible task chair with minimalistic styling and simple clean-cut design
Klöber Duera XL Office Chair offers Tall and Heavy people individual solutions for sitting and maximum seated comfort
Designed for all-day support, breathability and superior ventilation
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