ZERO Ergonomic Mesh Chair

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ZERO Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs are the new standard in office seating.
The most outstanding feature of ZERO Chairs is the following:
Back Automatic Supporting (BAS) System.

BAS System adjusts itself to the user’s shape in order to provide perfect lumbar support from the moment they hit the seat:
- Unique Back-Revolving Supporting System;
- Back Height Adjusting System;
- Backrest Tilt System;
- Lumbar Supporting System,

For users, when you work and sit for a long time, the most stressful part of your body is your waist.
Long-term stress can lead to lumbar disc herniation and other occupational diseases.
BAS System gives your back comfortable support.
The backrest has two parts with intelligent elastic rotation device on the connection of its parts.
The upper part can rotate within 10° and the lower part can rotate within 15°, without any adjustment, to automatically fit different people's weight, shape, sitting posture and tilting angle.
Most importantly, it will help your back always attach on the chair backrest, give you a full and comfortable back & waist supporting.

ZERO Chair Design Concept:
Curve Backrest Frame Design
When users lean on the backrest, it can provide user a full range of back & waist support and comfortable sitting experience.
4D Armrests
1. 4 adjustments to meet different users needs.
2. Super width and soft PU cover Arm Pad with PA plastic frame.
3D Headrest
1. 3D support headrest: with 3 adjustments (height, angle, rotate) and big surface support
2. Comfortable and Suitable: can adapt to different height and figure of users, giving the users comfortable support for neck and head, which is much better than the 1D, 2D headrest in the market.
1. Upholstery Lumbar support: height adjustment up and down
2. Backrest Height: adjusted 3cm within 4 locks
3. Backrest Tilting: can be locked in 4 positions in 28 degree.
4. Comfortable BAS (Back Automatic Supporting) System: It can provide users within 10 degree of upper torsion support and within 15 degree automatically waist rotating. This BAS system allows the chair back to automatically fit different people's weight, shape, sitting posture and tilting angle.
1. Ergonomic Waterfall Seat Design: can effectively relieve long-term sedentary oppression of the leg nerves.
2. Seat Depth Adjustment: can adjust within 5cm.
With floor protecting rubber.

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