OKAMURA SYLPHY Ergonomic Office Chairs designed for Lumbar Supporting and a Comfortable Workspace suitable to various body types and feature a New Seating Innovation: Back Curve Adjustment for exceptional seating comfort.
OKAMURA SYLPHY Ergonomic Office Chairs
OKAMURA SYLPHY Ergonomic Office Chairs

An Office Chair That's Got Your Back

Unique Back Curve Adjustment enhances the feeling of a perfect fit between the back and the back support.

Just a small change to the back makes all the difference

Back Curve Adjustment helps SYLPHY achieve personalized seating comfort.

The key to comfort is how the curve of the seat back fits

We measured the waist of hundred adult males and females.
The chart shows the differences among individuals that we observed.
The answer is our a new and exclusive Back Curve Adjustment.
Our goal in developing this adjustment was to enhance the feeling of a perfect fit between the back and the back support.

Easy to personalize
With the Body Curve Adjustment, it takes just seconds to customize the fit of the backrest.
Pushing down the levers on the sides of the backrest broadens the curve for a more related fit, ideal for those with a larger stature.
Pulling the levers up forms a narrower curve for a firmer fit, ideal for a smaller build.
Your body shape is unique
When it comes to finding an office chair that's high performance and high comfort, it's personal.
That's why OKAMURA developed the Sylphy chair with an exclusive simple-to-use Body Curve Adjustment.
After all, it's your chair, shouldn't it fit you perfectly?
Designed to flow
The synchro-tilt Mechanism moves the backrest and seat in sync for increased comfort and support.
With both standard reclining and forward tilt functions you can choose from free-flow recline, or locked positions to accommodate various needs and work styles.
The Forward-tilt Function allows the seat to tilt forward 10 degrees.
Benefits of Forward-tilt Function
When hunching forward for a prolonged time period, the body experiences undesirable pressure on the abdomen and the lower back.
Forward-tilt Function helps to reduce the stress on your body by maintaining the natural s-curve of the spine for better posture.

Multiple Density Cushion

Three types of urethane with different density are employed to form the cushion.
A soft cushion is used at the front of the seat so as not to compress the thighs, and a hard cushion is used at the rear for firm support.
Multiple Density Cushion of the chair
OKAMURA SYLPHY Office Chairs Dimensions
SYLPHY Chair Dimensions

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OKAMURA SYLPHY Chair Lumbar Support
Lumbar Support
The Lumbar Support provides comfortable support for your lower back. It can be adjusted vertically within a range of up to 60mm.
Total Control Of Every Material Used

Every part of the OKAMURA SYLPHY chair is designed to be easily recycled after use.
Each chair is assigned a unique identification number, and in the event of a complaint, any part of the chair can be easily replaced.
We deliver all OKAMURA chairs in durable cardboard packaging for safe transport, ensuring careful handling for your items.