OKAMURA FINORA Black mesh Chrome frame Chair Black body

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OKAMURA FINORA is the latest High End Office Chairs, born from a new collaboration between Okamura and ITALDESIGN, a global design firm renowned for its stunning supercars.
This combination creates a chair that brings the beauty of lightness with full features for advanced workplaces.
FINORA chair is your stylish, ergonomic, and comfortable solution that realized a futuristic and innovative design, whilst providing the functionality and quality expected of an Okamura chair.

FINORA chair combines all functions and styling into one sleek form.
The flexible backrest of Finora flows down under the seat of the chair, creating a light, unified structure.
The mechanism and operation levers such as seat height, reclining tension, and seat depth are all placed neatly under the seat, allowing adjustment from a natural posture while sitting.
Instead of being fitted with the conventional dial type adjustment, the reclining tension can be adjusted instantly and easily using the Quick Slide lever.

Beautiful from every angle, this chair draws its design inspiration from the automobile industry.
Another unique design feature is the custom panel on the backrest frame.
The panels are available in chrome, black or white, all with a sleek gloss finish to smartly contrast with the matte backrest frame.
The panels not only add an additional aspect of visual interest, but they increase the customizability of the chair too, so you can truly make it your own.

The most distinctive feature in the styling is the beautiful arms extending from the backrest, which can move in four directions (height, back and forth, left and right, and rotation).
By attaching the highly functional arms to the backrest instead of the under the seat, a light image has been achieved and the space under the elbows has been left free for more freedom when seated.

To improve seating comfort, three different cushion densities are used for the Multiple Density Cushion seat type, and for the seat mesh type, cushion material is inserted under the mesh at the front edge of the seat to reduce pressure on the back of the thighs.
For the mesh, we have developed a new construction method that makes the elastic yarn less noticeable giving the mesh an improved transparency and tactile feel.
Additionally, by embedding a resin bumper between the mesh and the frame, the mesh will not tear even if it collides with a desk.

OKAMURA FINORA Chair offers modern workers a high level of functionality and ultimate comfort without sacrificing aesthetic design in an office chair.
It is easily adaptable to a multitude of environments, and FINORA, including upholstery and frame color, can be customized to suit a variety of workplaces and work styles.

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