The CONTESSA Seconda Chair, created in collaboration between OKAMURA CORPORATION and one of the world-renowned Italian design firm Giugiaro Design, has set the standard for seating in office spaces around the world.


Italian Design & Japanese Quality
The CONTESSA II Executive Office Chair features cutting-edge white design, exceptional Japanese quality, and extraordinary seating comfort.

The perfect fit

Contessa Seconda is engineered for any body type, delivering world-class strength to all.
Contessa Seconda chair for any body type

Control On The Fingers

The concept of changing gears, used in Formula 1 racing cars, has been transferred to the controls of CONTESSA SECONDA office chairs, located in the lower part of the armrest padding.
Unique Paddle Shift Wire Control System - "Control On The Fingers"
Unique Paddle Shift Wire Control System - "Control On The Fingers"

Smart Operation

Adjust your entire seating experience with a touch of your fingertips.
Lock and unlock the backrest, alternating between a free recline and one of five pre-set tension пradations — all using a lever in the left armrest.
Adjust the chair height, within a range of 435 to 545 mm, using a lever in the right armrest.
Timeless Office Seating
Choice of Expression
High quality mesh with fine texture and color selection that match variety of spaces.
The color phase and the tone of the mesh color have been changed with the trend. Total 13 colors can be chosen.
The lightest and thinnest possible frame design
The backrest frame has been streamlined to create a slimmer aesthetic and increased flexibility, gently following the natural movement of the body - without sacrificing support. This can be adjusted using the lever located in the right armrest.
Look how it works
CONTESSA SECONDA Office Chair synthesizes state-of-the-art italian design with Japanese technology to bring office seating to a new level of comfort, style and function.
Multiple Density Cushion
Three types of urethane with different density are employed to form the cushion.
A soft cushion is used at the front of the seat so as not to compress the thighs, and a hard cushion is used at the rear for firm support.
Multiple Density Cushion of the chair
Highest Grade of Operability
Reclining Tension Adjustment
Choose from four tension adjustment pre-sets to suit any body shape and posture — all from a dial under the seat.
Seat Depth Adjustment
Adjustment of the seat’s depth, within a range of 50mm, is available using the levers beneath the seat.
Adjustable Arms
Adjustable arms can be adjusted in four dimensions: height, depth, width, and angle — enabling the most comfortable elbow support for the various tasks at hand.
Color options for frame and body
CONTESSA II Chairs are available in three Aluminum Frame colors and three Plastic Body colours.

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Total Control Of Every Material Used

Every part of the OKAMURA chair is designed to be easily recycled after use.
Each chair is assigned a unique identification number, and in the event of a complaint, any part of the chair can be easily replaced.
We deliver all OKAMURA chairs in durable cardboard packaging for safe transport, ensuring careful handling for your items.