Classic Office Furniture

Timeless wooden designs crafted in the traditional style
Classic Style Office Furniture
Classic Style Office Furniture

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Wooden Classic Style Office Furniture is synonymous with exclusivity, uniqueness and combination of precious materials, curvature of the natural woods and inlays.
"Fashion passes, style remains” (Coco Chanel).
Inlay, a decorative technique realized by combining small pieces of wood or other materials of different colors, exemplifies the art of creating intricate patterns, mosaics, or detailed drawings using valuable wood.
Originating in the fourteenth century and persisting through the 15th century, inlay remained an art form practiced mainly in Italy.
BOOK Italian Writing Desk
Classic Executive Office Furniture
BOOK Italian Writing Desk
BOOK Italian Writing Desk
BOOK Italian Classic Style Writing Desk has lines and volumes remind one of a book.
The solid wood structure is enriched by precious briarwood and rosewood inlays.
The working of the top is elaborate and original: a rhombus inlaid band with details in inlaid mother of pearl matches the briarwood corners with inlays.
The desk has three drawers as well as a spacious secret drawer which can be blocked. The base is made of rosewood with rosewood inlays.
GLAMOUR Classic Style Office Desk
Italian Classic Writing Desk
GLAMOUR Classic Style Office Desk
GLAMOUR Classic Office Desk
GLAMOUR Italian Classic Style Office Desk in Solid Wood.
The crystal top exhibits magnificent cherrywood inlaid rosettes with copper and brass fillets.
It features 8 drawers and a fold-down shelf under the top.
The rounding executed on the two sides of the parallelepipeds is in walnut, briar, and palisander, with marquetry inlays and fillets in copper and brass that constitute the main body of this elegant writing desk.
Each parallelepiped has 4 wide curved drawers. On the desktop, a rich rosette inlaid in briar, with an external crown in rosewood, is surrounded by palisander.
In the central panel, on a palisander background, geometrical motifs in rosewood and walnut frame three small stars outlined by fillets. With a secret compartment.

SCRIVANIA Classic Wooden Desk
SCRIVANIA Italian Classic Style Wooden Desk is balanced between elegance, rigour and functionality.
The desk is sculpted through calibrated curves and, from being a static object, thanks to its shelves and form, it becomes a table for a dynamic office.
The all wood version has a cherry-wood top with a band of briar-wood and rosewood with stars and inlaid filleting.
In the cylindrical body there are 4 wide drawers with mother-of-pearl knobs and 2 extractable, invisible shelves (they are enclosed in the borders).
The structure is solid wood plated with cherry-wood, zebrano, briar-wood, rosewood and palisander.
The skirting board is palisander, the parabola is cherry-wood and walnut with inlay filleting.
There is a secret compartment.
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Classic Style Office Furniture
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Integral Part of Nature
Wood is the only raw material that continues to grow, even while we sleep.

DANDY Luxury Leather Armchair

DANDY Italian Luxury Leather Armchair is made of solid wood covered with embroidered leather.
Its elegant line with listels has framing the back and forming two lateral wings.
It has castors for easy moving behind the desk.
The wooden star inlay in the centre of the back top is very refined.
COMFORT Classic Leather Armchair
COMFORT Italian Classic Leather Armchair has an unusual elliptic curved outline with slatted solid wood structure.
The backrest frame is made of solid walnut, while the swivel base is fitted with a height and slope adjustment mechanism.

Classic Bookcases

Precious and refined products that are also highly functional for everyday living.
We deliver all furniture in durable cardboard packaging to ensure safe transport and careful handling of your items.