V101 Desk with pedestal

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V101 Innovative Executive Office Desk with pedestal features a unique design where the worktop integrates with the structural base which also has a storage function.
The only finishing elements are the tops and doors of the drawer unit, creating a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.
Innovations in Finishing and Design
The coupling between the work top and the supporting side takes place through 45° processing.
Work top is made of 35 mm thick wood particle board panels.
Under the top there is a channelled structural beam suitable for wiring and equipped with 2 USB "charger A+C" placed on the head and with 3 sockets kit (SCHUKO) to be inserted along its side.
The beam is made of metal sheet 1.2 mm thick, bent and painted with epoxy powder black colour.
The side of the desk is equipped with levelling feet in black nylon.
The drawers are equipped with a press-open system, they slide on mini-square steel ball bearing rails with stop-end opening and soft-closing.

Monolith Cabinets with doors
The doors are available in the following types: hinged or sliding opening.
All doors are available in three versions of finishes: Melamine, Veneer or Glass.
None of the doors of the monolithic containers is equipped with lock.

The hinges for the hinged doors, in titanium color, are of the wing type with metal box with 110 ° opening, complete with bases, with 3D adjustment, and with soft-closing cushioning system.
The sliding-door storage offers a new way of filing documents.
Absence of handles on cabinet doors and drawers is another design feature of VIP UNO Executive Office Furniture, offering a clear advantage when choosing a modern furnishing option.
Sliding doors allow for quick and easy access to the contents of the cabinet while saving space with convenient sideways door opening.
The sliding doors move on aluminium profiles painted black, applied frontally to the structure through concealed mechanical fasteners, and are equipped with nylon wheels on steel ball bearings with a recall device for the cushioned and silenced closure.

The internal structure of the large drawers is made with particle wood panels 12 mm thick in BLACK or BRONZE colours.
The sliding guides, equipped with a press-open system, are made of metal mini-square type and run on steel balls with a stop-end opening and soft closing.
They are also complete with a closing alignment mechanism.

Shelving System
Wall panels are decorative elements in the interior of the VIP UNO Executive Office.
They allow for creating interesting wall configurations with storage functionality, including open and closed shelving units.
The wall panels are equipped with a concealed wall mounting system and consist of two modules:
- shelves with a length of 119.2 cm;
- cabinet with a length of 119.2 cm, featuring two solid doors with a push-open opening system.
The shelves and cabinets can be combined in single or multiple rows of uniform or mixed configurations, and for an enhanced effect, they can be adorned with LED strip lighting controlled by a touch switch.

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