ERGOHUMAN ELIT Ergonomic Mesh Chair

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ERGOHUMAN ELIT Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with unique lumbar support that provides full support in any backrest and seat position.
The ERGOHUMAN ELIT chair is an improved version of the ERGOHUMAN chair.
Innovative design is paired with maximum individual adjustment options.
With just one lever you have access to all chair functions - within a very short time you can find your perfect sitting position and work relaxed for hours.
The flexible lumbar support keeps your back in the perfect position for comfortable and relaxed sitting.
All parts and mechanisms are solidly manufactured and designed for long-term use over many years.
High-quality materials and durable covers guarantee you exceptional seating pleasure.
One of the biggest reasons for the success of the ERGOHUMAN ELIT chair is the high-quality breathable mesh.
All touchable parts of the office chair: seat, backrest, headrest and lumbar support are covered with black breathable mesh.
The mesh on the ERGOHUMAN ELIT office chairs uses special fibers, which, on the one hand, makes it quite soft and easily adaptable to the shape of the body, but at the same time, on the other hand, it is strong and strong enough to withstand loads.
The breathable mesh is very suitable for hot summer days, as it allows your body to breathe, dissipates excess heat and thus reduces sweating.

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